Software Problems – 1

Did you ever try importing a CMYK format PSD (Photoshop Document) into GIMP ?

Well, GIMP fails to do this. I have tried looking for plugins. But sorry, if you want to open PSD files in GIMP, then you need to save them first as an RGB in Photoshop. There is no other way.

If you face problems with uninstalling EA Sports’ Cricket 2007 and get an error ‘Unable to locate EAInstall.dll”, then try doing this :

Paste eainstall.dll in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp and make sure eaunistall.exe is in the same directory and then double click on it.

Are viruses constantly infecting your USB flash drive ?

I tried creating a new folder, and then renamed it ‘autorun.inf’. This prevents viruses from creating an autorun.inf file and executing malicious instructions. If you have U3 installed on your flash drive, then I am not sure if this approach works.

Did you ever want to edit a PDF and didn’t want to pay Adobe for a premium version of Adobe Reader ?

You can do so in Draw. You just need to download an extension. The PDF Import Extension allows you to import and modify PDF documents. Find the extension here :

Did you ever want to burn a CD and didn’t want to pay for bloated CD-writing software like Nero ?

InfraRecorder comes to the rescue. It is pretty light. And its Open-Source !


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