People are evil

People are always depicted to be tolerant, intelligent and sane. But I think this is the worst lie I have ever heard.

Even people like JP of Loksatta say “People voted for the lesser evil: The Congress, despite its incompetent, corrupt and
centralized rule, got away with victories Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal Assemblies because of people’s aversion to parties which sought to divide them on the basis of caste, religion, region and language. Since there was no party which… represented their quest for change, they were forced to vote for the least dangerous party.” But this is absolute rubbish. People are never tolerant. They are never averse to fundamentalism.

One of the reasons a direct democracy is bound to be aggressive, intolerant, sometimes insane is that people directly influence the decisions. We should be thankful to God for the fact that most democracies are representative democracies. Otherwise slavery would still have continued in Southern USA. All Hindus in Bangladesh would have been killed or driven away by now. All European nations would have banned minarets. (Like the Swiss did in a referendum).
All conservative European states would have passed discriminatory laws against the LGBT community. (Given a chance by the Supreme Court, this is what the people of California did in a referendum)

Indian Moslems (especially the South Indian ones) are depicted as tolerant. This is rubbish. When they have been given chances in the past, they seized the opportunities to massacre Hindus. For e.g. the Mappila Moslems of Kerala. Kerala is supposed to be the most tolerant place in India. But if you read about the atrocities they committed (the Mappila militant revolt of 1921), you will understand that they are not tolerant. Even a professional army took a lot of time to subjugate them. They felt they were superior and could easily defeat Hindus who made up 60% of the population. We should also remember the Direct Action day, the Calcutta Riots of 1948. The peasant moslems thought they could drive out the Hindus and merge Kolkata into Pakistan. Post-independence, Razakars were employed by the Nizam. The Hyderabadi Moslems honestly believed they could massacres millions of Hindus with a bunch of Razakars. Also, during election time speeches, the Moslems of UP deliver speeches on how Pakistan was exploited by India. (and the need to help Pakistan)

Telangana people are depicted as being oppressed and tolerant. On the contrary, each and every Telanganite harbours hatred towards Andhrites. When the people of Rayalaseema, Uttarandhra raised the slogan of Samaikhyandhra, I thought they honestly believed in it. It turns out that they were merely trying to protect their interests. The new ‘Rayala Telangana’ proposal proves that Rayalaseema people dont really care about Telugu people being united. When people take charge of democracy (like the Osmania students did), they always do insane things. No wonder the OU students threatend the 30 lakh Andhrites living in Hyderabad that they would ensure the settlers didnot return after Sankranti.

People are more evil than you think they are.


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