IITK website hacked

I just happened to visit the IITK website when I ran across this ‘page hacked’ message.



3 responses to “IITK website hacked

  1. Their website was hacked last year as well. I visited IITK last year. Students told me that their sysadmin is a big moron. It was a kind of deja vu. I told them we feel your pain.

  2. i think the reason is that their site is good enough that hackers/crackers feel like hacking it. Are you getting what I am trying to say ?

  3. @Kublir i disagree .. the problem is that these paki hackers want to show some power against indians so they consider IIT sites to be a nice public platform 🙂 . Btw this groups is one of the kids of their hackin team 😛

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