School Days

I was sprucing up my cupboard when I hit upon a photo from my school days . A group photo of ‘6th B’ . Thanks to Jayanthi for recalling that it was a sixth class pic .

Anyways now let me try and identify the people in this photograph . There are four rows of people in this pic ( A , B , C , D ) where A is the topmost row . Lets start with the one and only ‘ME’ . Yep I spotted myself . A9 , thats where I am .

I almost forgot abt the pic . Here is the link

School Days
Sequential Identification -:

A1 – Elugula Naveen ( omg , I remember his surname too ; used to turn pale when we called him by his nickname ‘Eenadu’ )

A2 – Kiran Kumar ( hosteller ; thanks to Anand Bharti for recalling his name )

A3 – Sandeep Viswesvaran ( would have liked to call him ‘Yo Yo’ Sandeep )

A4 – A Sandeep ( huge plastic spects)

A5 – Venugopal ( thanks to ‘Gaurav Saraogi’ for recalling his name )

A6 – Chinmaya ( well-known )

A7 – Dipin Sharma ( well-known ; fairest of all ; just recalled that he used to have a lot of hair on his hands )

A8 – N Bharath ( school prefect ; later changed his name to C Bharath )

A9 – Thats ME

A10 – Naveen Mantri ( well-known , ‘Tantri the Mantri’ was his name 😛 )

A11 – Bhargava Bulusu ( I remember him for the texture of his hair ; used to turn pale at the mention of his nickname ‘Popeye’)

B1 – Ashish ( the curly-haired ashish … its difficult to forget him ; a good friend of mine those days )

B2 – Sridhar

B3 – Myuraaaill Krascheenaa (haha thats how he wrote his name-‘murali krishna’ on the diary ; our history teacher ( mrs. neelima ) read it out in the class ; one can keep writing about him endlessly ; nicknamed ‘monkey’ )

B4 – Arshad ( stayed a year in dubai and rejoined school ; one could find the word ‘solid’ in every sentence he spoke . )

B5 – Amit Jhawar ( nobody can forget him ; class topper ; stud-sometimes studied in the lunch breaks too ; talkative ; had a hoarse voice)

B6 – Ravi Begwani ( good cricketer ; naveen mantri’s relative)

B7 – Naveen ( curly-haired ; childish voice )

B8 – Ritesh Yannamani  (used those high-power glasses )

B9 – Aditya Dheeraj ( our chemistry teacher – sunita – called him ‘buffalo’ / ‘wild bull’ ; looked like a goon and sometimes behaved like one )B8 – Ritesh Yannamani  ( was adept at spreading rumours ; used those high-powered glasses  )

B10 – Abbas Ilias Taskeen ( his name was read in full during the attendance ; stamp/coin collecting was his hobby )

B11 – Anand B ( diamond merchant 😛 )

C1 – Arvind ( kitkats , perks , relish , chips etc. etc.. …. he used to distribute them all ; Mr. Generous , that is what he was called ; never gave me any though 😦 )

C2 – Siddarth Potluri ( temperamental ; moody ; collected Chacha Chowdhary comics , had this habit of nose-blowing ala Krish Srikanth ; always turned pale when we called him ‘Buddha’ )

C3 – Sloka Nidamanuri ( dexterous , multi-faceted , topper )

C4 – Padmini ( light-brown eyes , sweet voice , good-friend of sloka)

C5 – Swaroopa

C6 – Divya ( well-known , I remember she cried in the 9th class when the maths papers were given , friendly , talkative)

C7 – Sravanthi ( hosteller from 3rd class , timid )

C8 – ??

C9 – Arun ( stayed in gajuwaka ; his family owns the ‘sivaramakrishna’ sweet shop ; friendly)

D1 – Soujanya ( started the Siva Sivani orkut community ; now in Newzealand )

D2 – Sandhya ( thanks to Sravan for recalling her name )

D3 – Kiranmai Dasari ( used to live in an apartment near the school )

D4 – Durgaprasad Sir ( headmaster ; mathematics teacher ; friendly )

D5 – Mrs. Usha Sampathy ( principal ; hardly talked to us )

D6 – Mrs. Mamta ( Class teacher ; taught Hindi ; strict and friendly at the same time )

D7 – Nagalakshmi ( thanks to N Bharath for recalling her name ; was a hosteller )

D8 – Anusha ( hosteller ; joined an SSC school later ; her father was an MP )

D9 – Supriya ( aaah ; you cannot stop writing about her ; loquacious , ebullient , sprightly , vivacious ; we once had a discussion in the class about whether egg was vegetarian / NV . She was the only person who believed it was vegetarian and took on the whole class single-handedly ; at last the headmistress – the parsi lady- had to come and settle the debate )

Phewwww , that was a lot of typing . Anyways , if errors crept into this post , please let me know of them and I shall make changes . I felt nostalgic after writing this post . A few people in this group photo are on ORKUT . The others , I hope to find them soon .

CyA ,

Sasank Y


Antiquated first paragraph : I cannot remember whether it was taken in 5th class or 6th class . But we might have left junior school by that time . I donot remember when we held a party to celebrate our leaving the junior school . Was it at the end of 4th class ? One can spot durgaprasad sir in this pic ; so it might have been a 6th class pic . Not sure


15 responses to “School Days

  1. Thanks man I was searching foe this pic at home since years …..and finally u found it ..gud gud..

  2. ra the d2 s sandhya not sowjanya

  3. thankxx a lot man….i don’t hav these anymore…
    keep bringin on more…

  4. Hey man…

    thanks for the pic…..made me remember old times. i remember “Looting” anand by giving him a 50 paisa Iraq currency instead of 1 US $……thanks once again……signing off ….. your Abbas Ilyas Taskeen.

  5. i had this pic,itz taken in 6th class,any ways thanks for taking back to the school days
    …C8 is nagalakshimi

  6. nice comments u gave raa… it was really fun going through the pic and it is reviving memories…gud work man.. and once again nice comments..

  7. nw tht ws a wondrful job sashank !!!
    trust me!!!

    keep in touch peopl !!!

    ur shin 🙂

  8. man A2is Kiran kumar not Vijay n he was in hostel wid me……n do u remember 9th class exams u used to pass on the answers sheets…..hahaha….it was gr8 fun n i still havent given u the 500 bugs

  9. Man i remember da gal C4 i had huge crush on her but neva had gutz to tell ne one……i hope u don get jelous shiny….hahaha…..kiddin…..

  10. ne wayz ma ph no is 9885941800 n mail id,Otkut id is keep in touch…….bye guyz have fun

  11. hey there ppl… im known only by a few here im sure.. shashank?? Kranthi here man…was great lookin thru d pic.. i identified everyone who was there with me in 9th and 10th:) u guys look real cute… and ya… anand.. dat crush gal?? i think ha name is Padmini;) hey ya ppl… wat u all up2??

  12. hi….
    i am naveen, its 2 c every one again
    i need ur email ids friend plz send it to my mail id and mail id is and

  13. u can find me in orkut id is navin.soft39

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