A sultry afternoon

I am agog at the news that the monsoon has finally struck Kerala . In a few weeks the monsoon will arrive here and I am mightily relieved that this will mean an end to my pining in this sultry weather . Meanwhile my mother is begrudging the amount of time I spend infront of the PC . Her anger is augmented when I donot bath early in the mornings .  But I just dont feel like bathing so early . I am possessed by sloth . Laziness has pervaded my body .

Sania’s first round match has just started . I dont expect her to come good on clay . Meanwhile Safin is struggling to get going . When is he going to do justice to his talent ? Just finished arguing with my brother over whose time it is to be using the PC . And my mother is now shouting at me for being so obdurate when it comes to giving away possession of the PC . I dont think I will be able to write a huge post now . There is not much time available now .

Icecream @ Jack Frost is too expensive . Rs 100 for 500 ml .  You can choose from dozens of flavours ; agreed ; some of the flavours cannot be bought elsewhere ; agreed ; but 100 bucks is a lot [ FYI : 1 litre of Butterscotch icecream from Kwality costs Rs. 90 ] . I need to try Baskin Robbins the next time I feel like eating a premium flavour . I dont know if its cheaper or costlier . I was shopping at ‘Baba Bazaar’ when I saw an offer “Buy a 1 litre pack of Frosty icecream worth Rs. 62 and get a set of six glass bowls free” . It seemed like a good offer . I bought two litres – one litre of vanilla and one litre of strawberry . The icecream too didnt disappoint me . Vanilla is definitely the king of all flavours .

Sania seems to be in scintillating form today . She is demolishing her opponent on clay . I have enjoyed mangoes whole hoggedly this summer . But this in no way compensates for missing out on mangoes last summer due to spending the majority of the days at college doing my project . I have never tasted Alfonso . But who wants to taste it when “Chinna Rasaalu” grow in abundance here . For those who donot know it is not a fruit which can be cut and eaten . It has to be squeezed and the juice sucked directly from the fruit . Which means ‘Amma’ doesnt need to exert herself to fill the stomachs of her ‘growing children’ . They are mostly grown in Krishna District and nearby areas . I plan to write a post on “Chinna Rasaalu” when I have time . In Uttarandhra mangoes of the Bangeenpalli and Collector varieties are grown . But I have to admit that they are not as tasty . I tried preparing a mango milk shake by mixing 1 part of mango juice from”Chinna Rasaalu” and 1 part of milk . It tasted good . I plan to zero in on the right composition after experimentation . I havent tried adding ice yet .

Cartoon Network is now available in Telugu . Now that makes it a total of two cartoon channels – CN and Toon Disnep – catering to regional audience . Thank God the days of CN in Hindi are over . I could never understand a word .

The ‘Sivaji’ trailer was unimpressive . I donot have any plans to watch the movie . I cant wait to watch “POTC : At World’s End” in Jagadamba . I need to learn how to generate loud whistles in two days , so that when Jack Sparrow is first shown in the film I can whistle and tell everyone I am huge fan of the character .


5 responses to “A sultry afternoon

  1. nuvvu ice creams pellilone thintavanukunna money petti kuda thintava?
    POTC antha baledhani talk

  2. the only things i found interestin in the post is ur desire to whistle when depp makes an entrance and that sania is actually winning a match on clay 🙂

  3. Who are you ‘Sleeper’ ?
    I could sue you for infringing my copyrights by using my nickname without my permission 😛

  4. @meka : sandy bagundannadu POTC

  5. “Chinna Rasaalu” ? never heard of those :O .. waiting for a post on that and if possible with images 😀
    btw … please let me know how to whistle if u can do it … u can google search if u r very interested 😛

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