A gloomy afternoon at home

I have attempted many times this summer to restart blogging again . Under normal circumstances the abundance of free time that I am enjoying nowadays would have meant my blog would be humming by now . But an enigmatic feeling of torpidity seems to hamper me . After many such attempts I am now left with half a dozen incomplete posts which I saved as drafts in wordpress . I hardly am in a mood to complete those posts . I find it easier these days to pen my thoughts in a book due to the fact that it doesnt have to be complete , appealing or readable .

I didnot sleep well yesterday . 8 hours is too less for a person who sleeps atleast 10 – 12 hours daily . So I am extra dull this afternoon . But despite all this I am somehow very determined to complete my first post and I hope my willpower stays strong till I finish this task . btw , I never like to sleep in the afternoons even when I am starved for sleep .

The weather has been very sultry this summer in Vizag ( as always ) . But I am still not complaining . There is nothing better than home . I still regret not being at home last summer . btw , It is not dangerous to go out in the afternoons in Vizag . The chances of a sunstroke are very less . The temperature has been on the lower side today due to the thick cloud cover . I have seen clouds in the morning only today this summer . The gloomy weather has added to the dullness . I have got nothing to do . I need to embark on a mission to make my summer more joyous and productive . I am wasting time surfing the net for now .

Today the UEFA Champions League final takes place in Athens between Liverpool and AC Milan. I frankly feel the Reds are no match for the Italians . The Reds may have mastered the art of knocking out good European sides in the two leg format . But a final is altogether different . And Milan are in scintillating form . The key men will be Pirlo and Seedorf . Kaka and Gattuso are expected to do their jobs . I havent seen a right back more rampaging than Massimo Oddo . The Reds are an organized side . But they have no flair and are too dependent on Gerrard . I am happy ManU lost in the semifinals . It would have been terrible losing to Liverpool in the final . The squad is too thin for ManU to be fighting on so many fronts . I hope they strengthen it next season . I didn’t feel bad/disappointed when ManU lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup final . It was always difficult to get a goal without a fit Louis Saha . Anyways I hope Milan win the final . I was going through the status messages of friends in GTalk when I came across Adarsh’s which read -: ” In Europe no team has ever man-marked me and I think that it will be the same tonight. I was close to win the Champions League two years ago, tonight I hope to write an important page in this club’s history —KAKA ” .

I just came to know that Steven Sidwell is going to be a Chelsea player next season . How many more central midfielders do you need Chelsea ? Bhaskar tells me they are going to lose a couple of players during the African Cup . But Ballack , Lampard , Lassanna Diarra , Makelele are going to be available arent they ? It seems that duplicates of team shirts of football clubs are available at very cheap prices in Jalaripet . A lot of people are now interested in buying them and atleast three of my IIIT friends are desperate to get their hands on them . I personally checked out a jersey of the German Football team . It was not an accurate replica . But there were some similarities . The cloth was synthetic and the price around Rs. 130 . But these smuggled goods cannot be bought so easily . Only trusted persons are allowed to buy them . Reebok / Nike shoes which normally cost around Rs.3000 are available for Rs.600 . All this is possible because these people evade ‘customs’ by transferring these goods from the large ships to small boats and then bringing those goods into the city . Its all illegal business . But then thats how scores of ‘Imported Goods’ shops run in the city .

My friend Ravikishore seems to be disappointed with Ryan Giggs for appealing for a goal in the FA Cup Final when the ball crossed the line while it was in Cech’s hands . He told me Giggsy was the only person he respected in the ManU team and after this incident , he lost his respect for Giggs . But I being a fan of Ryan Giggs took pains to make him understand that Giggs was Captain of the team on that day and was only appealing as a representative of the team and not as an individual . I dont know if this has reinstilled respect for Ryan Giggs into my friend’s mind . But I have done my job as a fan of the legendary Ryan Giggs .

I am still bored . I buzzed a few of my friends on GTalk and whatsupped them . Satti is finding his work boring nowadays . But he is getting paid 🙂 . There shouldnot be any complaints if you ask me . Hemanth is unhappy that there is no AC in his robotics lab . But he is a senior researcher in the Robotics Lab and has UNRESTRICTED access to the Internet . Meanwhile Nageshwar tells me he is not exactly completing his projects at a rapid pace . He is watching a movie right now : Mayabazaar ( the newer version ) . But he is always so relaxed . Give him any number of projects and he will always complete them in time without compromising on his daily dose of enjoyment / entertainment .

I am trying to avoid spending time with the PC or the tele . It saves a lot of time . And there is the relief that you have got rid of an addiction . Badri is reading a lot of journals , magazines and stuff . He suggested that I read “The Economist” / TIME / Statesman . But my mother would definitely fret at the idea of reading politics and other ‘murky’ stuff . She complains even when I read the daily newspaper a little too long . She frets when I spend more than an hour on the Internet . This has been another reason why I havent been able to publish complete posts . Anyways I feel my mother is an experienced and reliable judge when it comes to judging whether an activity is productive . My soul trusts her . These days I am asking everybody the question ‘What exactly are you doing in the summer ?’ . The common replies are “Nothing.” / “Wasting time.” . But such answers donot satisfy me . I have waited for the right answers . But nobody is doing anything productive except a few people who are interning . I am searching for the right interests to pursue in the summer . If you have read this blog then do suggest me some productive summer activities .

My school friends : GRV Kishore , Hemanth and Gaurav are all here in Vizag . I didnot expect them to be here for the summer holidays . Especially Gaurav who has completed his third year . Kishore and Hemanth are just ‘farting around’ but I have not verified this fact . As for Gaurav he is interning at Vizag Steel Plant . I feel that is ultra cool . One needs to be extremely lucky to find an internship in his hometown . I plan to meet them soon . But I need ideas to make the meeting memorable . Other friends who study in local colleges are busy with their placements . It is going to take a lot of effort to meet all of my school friends . I lost contact with quite a few . But thankfully Vizag is not a big city and it should be POSSIBLE .

Meanwhile my IIIT friend Anil seems to be enjoying his internship in the Austrian City of Graz . And he is earning good money as well . He promised to bring me a few gadgets for which I need to pay after he returns . The city of Graz is very picturesque . Take a look .



The person on the left is Anil . Doesnt he look lost 😛 ? Anyways here are links 1 and 2 if you want more pictures of Graz .

Windows XP is very slow on a 128 MB RAM PC . Add Firefox to the mix and it takes atleast two minutes to upload your post to wordpress . But still I cannot revert to using IE . IE is just not good enough . OMG This has now become a very big post . I have spent two hours on the PC now and it has started to rain  . I have switched off the fan ; the weather is very pleasant now . . Just who would have the patience to read this post I wonder . I cannot afford to bore the reader any further . Before I sign off let me add a few conversations .

A funny conversation between Niranjan and me -: [ Read only if you understand Telugu ]

Sasank: Dadagiri cheyyaku neeru dada

Niranjan: Dadagiri chese vaade dada
adi kada naaa baadha
naaku vaste tedaa
ayipotaaru maada
hey dude u thr?

Sasank: cheppa raa item

Niranjan: i am man not item
now playing age

A conversation between me and my soul

alexsoddy : Daddy wants me to wake up at 7’o clock daily .

Soul : Why dont you do it ?

alexsoddy : But I dont get any food that early .

Soul : There are dozens of mangoes in the fridge . If you really want to fill your stomach you should brush your teeth early , peel the fruits yourselves , fill your stomach and help your mother

alexsoddy : lets see *losing the argument*

Parting note -: All this while it was labyrinthine to shake off the languidness and start blogging . But now that I have started it ; I just cant stop writing , which explains the size of this post . I ask my readers for forgiveness and I want to ensure them that short and interesting posts will be served in the future .


8 responses to “A gloomy afternoon at home

  1. I’m the first to write 😀

    Seriously very big blog … btw welcome back to blogging ..
    hope to see many more posts .. not this much big ones though 😛

  2. 1. bloody big. read the whole thing ONLY because you im-ed me 😛

    2. Kaka says nobody has ever man-marked him out of a game. Benitez has never used man marking. Liverpool will zonal-mark him out of the game.

    3. Goals by Milan in the CL – 18. Liverpool -22 (same no of games). Milan have played well only in 2 games – against Bayern and ManU. They arent as good as people make them out to be.

    4. Milan depend on Kaka much more than Liverpool do on Gerrard. In fact, Liverpool depend on Carra more than on Gerrard.

  3. hehe.. i think you’ve penned everything!
    Is there anything left?
    ass! u r interviewing everyone over here by using GTalk as a medium.. i thought i was the only one targetted!
    neways.. have a nice time!

  4. @avinash , badri and pramodh : thanks for undergoing the pain of having to read the blog ; I will not force you in the future to read 🙂

    @pramodh : Yeah there is a lot more to write ; I am addicted to writing now 🙂

  5. ManU cudn’t do much about Mikel .. thay guy was hellbent on moving to Chelsea .. 12 million pounds for somebody who never played for you seems a fair sale to me 😀 Hargreaves does seem to be quite expensive but you really think Milan would sell Pirlo or Barca will sell Xavi .. have a look at this .. http://www.tribalfootball.com/article.php?id=40129

  6. if ManU wanna challenge for Europe next season, they needed a reliable and mature defending midfielder .. everybody knows that there will no “New Roy Keane” .. Hargreaces does seem to be a good player but let’s hope he doesn’t turn put to be a Veron .. Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Beckham was the one of best midfields ever to set foot on a football field !! .. I still think we need a good striker .. Rooney,Saha, Solskjaer, Smith isn’t enough .. Berbatov would be awesome or we could go for Huntelaar .. the Dutch are reliable .. I don’t trust Spanish strikers like Villa or Torres to succeed in EPL

  7. btw .. IIIT sucks in terms of love for football 😀 .. esp. my batch 😦

  8. hi this is naveen.e may i who is this??

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